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Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

American Motorcycle Cargo Trailers
for Luggage,Tools, Cargo or Camping.

Small Enclosed Trailers

Pull Behind your Motorcycle, Motor Bike, Trike or even a Vehicle with 4 Wheels.

Important Statement : Mini Trailer USA is an American owned company.
We are Bikers and We Hand Build each and everyone of our trailers.
If a Trailer Does NOT have our Brand ID or LOGO on it, is not ours.
We are NOT Associated with any other company that sells a look alike trailer.

We are the Only Ones that build this style trailer here in the USA.
YOU have an open invitation to come see where your trailer was or will be built.
We Support our Service Personal and God Bless!!!

Nomad Motorcycle Trailer Sale
Pre-Spring Sale Price $1,495.

Shadow Only $1,395!

AmericanMade Motorcycle Trailer - RCOFabricationLLC Motorcycle Trailer

Be Prepared for Anything!

Get a New American Built Motorcycle Trailer.

7 Questions to ask BEFORE you buy a Motorcycle Trailer.

American Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

Built by Bikers for Bikers....and Soccer Moms
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Enclosed Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

All Trailers Proudly Built in America

. Cushing Oklohoma USA!!! .


Superior Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

Higher Quality and Lower Prices than imported Junk Most Sites Sell!

It is Great to Own an American Motorcycle Trailer


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Same Price for a Diamond, Black or White Trailer
Mini Trailer USA

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Showroom & Facility Tours
7am to 4pm cst Mon- Fri
After hours and weekends
By appointment only.

Info & Sales
7am & 6pm cst Mon- Fri
After hours and weekends
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RCO Fabrication Motorcycle Trailer
Here is our new production facility and showroom, its a brand new 7,000 sq ft building.

Aluminum Pull Behind Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers for Sale, Built in USA

Built by Bikers for Bikers....and Soccer Moms

Superior Steel Chassis Aluminum Motorcycle Trailers

Get the Strength of a Steel Chassis and only add 6 Pounds!

Motorcycle Cargo Trailers

Nomad Motorcycle Trailer with a New Tire Upgrade

Nomad with Cooler

Nomad with Cooler


Below is the Nomad Black Out - View the Shadow Black Out HERE

CustomBlackOut Motorcycle Trailers
CustomBlackOut Motorcycler Cargo Trailers

The Model Above is The Nomad with the Black Out Option and T-13 Rim Upgrade

Add the Black Out Option and T-13 to Any Model You Would Like to Buy for Only $299

Custom Black-Out Option & T-13 Rim Upgrade Combo $299



Motorcycle Trailer Accessories, Rims and Spare Tires


The Shadow with Black Out Camo Options

CustomMotorcycleTrailers CustomMotorcycleTrailers

Add Camo Vinyl Wrap to any Black Out Trailer
Shadow - $225.00 | Nomad - $249.00 | Voyager - $275.00 | Prowler - $299.00


We are Proud to introduce our latest addition

The Biker Wagon
Shown with  T-13 Rim Upgrade
Biker Wagon Biker Wagon


11 Square Feet of Deck Space




We Fill Custom Orders and Have Some
Custom Motorcycle Trailers in Stock - Give us a call.

Small Car Trailer

We also have several different size Trailers at different prices.

Many Types of Trailers

They're even a Great Small Car Trailers!

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Our Specialties: Motorcycle Pull Behind Trailers

Motorcycle Trailers to Tow Your Motorcycle On

Superior Steel Chassis Aluminum Trailers

Get the Strength of a Steel Chassis and Only Add 6 Pounds!

Our Motorcycle Trailer Construction:

Our Motorcycle Trailer Chassis are made of steel instead of aluminum. The weight difference between aluminum and steel is 6 pounds ... for which our trailers are well balanced ... so the steel adds nothing to the tongue weight! The use of steel adds strength and stability to the trailer. Steel is preferred over aluminum because of stress fractures. A stress fracture comes from the heat of the weld in which the metal has rough treatment, such as our great US highways, which will cause a break in the tube near the weld ... called a stress fracture. Using steel takes away the stress and provides no breaking!

Our Motorcycle Trailer Bodies:

Our Motorcycle Trailer bodies start off as a single flat piece of aluminum, and then the sides are bent 90 degrees giving the trailer its shape. The back is bent with a 1/2 in lip that goes towards the inside, and once slipped into place the bottom and sides are continuous (seam) welded from the outside along with stitch welding the 1/2 in lip inside. We then attach the nose portion of the trailer using a combination of rivets and industrial caulking. Once the lid is attached we add a stainless steel latch, and a automotive type seal is used to make a nice water tight seal. Finally we trim the corners doubling the thickness of the trailer not only giving it a more finished look, but substantially increasing its strength.

All Decked Out:

We have no options that you have to pay extra for! ALL of Our Motorcycle Trailers come loaded, luggage racks, cooler racks and 5-spoke aluminum wheels, which are all standard. All of our wheels and tires are speed rated for at least 85 mph and come with a 6 ply tire instead of a 4 like most in the industry uses.

Motorcycle Trailers Built in America!

Mini Trailer USA American Trailers

Our Trailer Warranty

We take pride in our exclusive 5-year warranty and exceptional customer service. We do whatever we can to keep you, the customer, pleased with your purchase. We are confident that our Motorcycle Trailer will meet your high standards.

If at any time you find you have trouble with your Motorcycle Trailer, please feel free to contact us at 918-225-0708 . We will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you have purchased a Motorcycle Trailer or any of Our Products and would like to add something to Out Testimonials Page, just email it to us. We would be Happy to add you and even link to your site. We also have a links page but you would have to read about it there.


Another Happy Trailer Customer!

Happy Customer
Here is a picture of my motorcycle trailer and my hot rod after I wrapped it,
made a few other minor changes, I think it will work fine for me, plenty of room, thanks,
Frank Dickerson
( you are welcome to use this picture on your web site if you would like )

USA Built Enclosed Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers for Sale

Aluminum Pull Behind Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers for Sale, Built in USA

For Luggage and Cargo

Enclosed Motorcycle Pull Behind Trailers


We just got home from our 12 day/4400 miles trip to the Pacific Coast Highway and wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the motorcycle trailer. We had a total of 4 bikes and 3 were pulling your shadow motorcycle trailers. All of the trailers were packed completely to the top with no room to spare. We used space saver bags during traveling for the sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows , towels and sweaters. This allowed us more room in the motorcycle trailers. As the trip progressed we had to strap items on the top of the motorcycle trailers and the rail was very handy for this. Having an ice chest was really nice, this enabled us to have drinks anytime and cook meals while camping out. During the trip we encountered some strong crosswinds (40 to 45 mph) from Needles to Bakersfield CA with no noticeable effects. People were always coming up to us and asking about the motorcycle trailer and stating how nice it looked. We've attached some photos of the trip. We took the trailers we bought from you for a ittle 4,000 mile joy ride. We had no problem with the motorcycle trailer. Just wanted to write and thank you for building a quality product. Rod & Linda Crooks, SD P.S. Another couple that was along had one of your competitor's motorcycle trailers and they didn't fair so well. Their fiberglass lid sprung on the rough roads. They had to sit on each side to get the lid over the bottom part to get it closed. Thank you again, for the motorcycle trailer. We received it, and put it together no problems. titled and new license plate, and we love it. I will recommend you to anyone looking for great motorcycle pull behind trailers. Lance, and Teresa Miles ----- Arrived today. Couldn't be happier, beautifully made motorcycle trailer, a breeze to put together and looks awesome.

 If you are in or around northeast Oklahoma you can pick up your fully assembled trailer at the Mini Trailer USA facility in Cushing, OK.  However if you are not in the area you can have your trailer shipped to you via ground freight.  You pay only the freight charge with no markup – contact Mini Trailer USA at 918-225-0708 for the exact shipping cost to your location.
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